Upcoming Workshops

The Alberta Safeguards Foundation
The Training Institute
for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry are pleased to announce a 5 day workshop on…
Threats to the Lives of Vulnerable People,
and Crafting a Coherent Defense in Response
June 1-5, 2020
Calgary, AB
Dates and Times: Monday June 1 through Friday June 5, 2020
Each day begins promptly at 8:00 am; the first four days include evening sessions until 8:00-8:30pm. The workshop ends at approximately 4:30 pm on the last day.
Place: Ambrose University, 150 Ambrose Circle S.W., Calgary, AB T3H 0L5. Details & directions will be provided with confirmation of registration.
Prospective participants are asked to carefully read all of this flyer, in order to avoid major misconceptions about its content or format. People interested in attending are strongly urged to register early.
Workshop Content:
This event is based on four premises:

That death is “in the air,” in the sense that there is a gathering momentum in the world that works towards “deathmaking.” (The word “deathmaking” refers to practices that kill people outright, or greatly hasten death, or lead other people to increase the risk of death for a person or group, or even lead people to act so as to bring about deaths.)

That there is something amiss and incoherent with the common pick-and-choose approach that endorses some deathmakings and objects to others.

That people who understand the dynamics of contemporary deathmaking should take strong moral stands to protect and defend the lives of endangered people.

That each individual must make a personal moral decision on the issues, and craft a personal moral stance, regardless of what anyone else does, and regardless of whether any group, organization, or society will adopt it.

This event is intended for people who want to know more about contemporary deathmaking, and who would like to work toward a more coherent position that values and protects all human life. It is especially relevant for people such as family members, advocates, or service workers who are on the side of societally devalued people, for example, people who are impaired, elderly, or poor.

The workshop content is usually very challenging for most participants, even those who come already alarmed by, and opposed to, at least some deathmakings. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE DOWNLOAD FLYER (DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW)

Workshop Format:
The workshop is conducted as a series of lecture presentations of various lengths, with extensive use of overhead transparencies and slides to illustrate the presentations. Each presentation sets forth a carefully designed body of ideas, historical material, or analysis. Once a topic has been presented, there are questions and discussion on it.
The presentations on each day of the workshop begin promptly at 8 a.m. On the first four days, there are evening sessions until about 8 or 8:30 p.m. that are not optional. The last day ends at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Tuition: fee is $500.00 per person.
Commuter Rate: $260.00 (includes refreshments, lunch and dinner each day except for dinner Friday; does not include breakfast)
Overnight Rate: $330.00 (includes the above meals plus 5 breakfasts)
5 nights at the university is $350 for single occupancy or $250 each for double occupancy (please advise who will share rooms for room assignments).
Each room contains 2 single beds, & 2 desks with chairs. There is one shared bathroom for 2 sleeping rooms.
Participants may arrive May 31st & must check out of their rooms on the last day of the workshop (June 5th). If participants require a room on the last day of the workshop they will be billed an additional fee.
All Fees are in Canadian Funds
*There is a possibility of some subsidy for workshop fees. To inquire contact the Registrar (contact information below).
Payment: Payment can be made by money order, cheque or electronic direct deposit. Cheques should be made out to Alberta Safeguards Foundation.
Register: To register, please send your name, address, phone, email address, and cheque to:
Alberta Safeguards Foundation,

211, 4014 Macleod Tr. S., Calgary, AB T2G 2R7

Email information to absafeguards@gmail.com. Phone: 403.701.1385
DEADLINE May 20, 2020
*Please make note if you are registering for shared or single accommodation.
*Please inform us of any dietary restrictions.